Thursday, 23 February 2012

Pho Phi Truong

Pho Phi Truong on Urbanspoon I have eaten here many times, it has now changed hands which is a shame because Truong was so hospitable. The new owners (2 sisters) are a little more reserved but still friendly. The food has only changed slightly and is still fantastic, Beef Pho, Spicy Beef Soup and Crispy Skin Chiken with Noodle Soup being my favourites. I have also had the Deep Fried Flounder which came out steaming hot and was eaten with gusto! My daughter loves the Broken it must be good and the Shaking Beef is always tasty and filling. The staff do their best with most being very friendly and courteous.
We weren't too sure about the Deep Fried Flounder as far as GF goes, however it seems to be coated in rice flour. R decided to skip it just in case, but if you are not Gluten Intolerant...give it a go.
Thursday is Pancake ordinary pancake, a monster rice flour, turmeric infused coconut milk pancake filled with your favourite filling, vegetarian, chicken and the one I opted for, pork and prawn. We aren't too sure whether this is completely GF so R left it to me and had Beef in Black Bean. This came out piping hot on a sizzling plate and was salty and full of flavour. This is served with rice and a chicken soup

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